Fenbushi Capital Announces Changes in Management Team


JANUARY 15, 2018 — Fenbushi Capital, one of the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firms in the world, announces that General Partner Vitalik BUTERIN will be transitioning to a new role as Advisor. Dr. Feng XIAO and Bo SHEN will remain as General Partners.

Commenting on the transition, Vitalik says, “I am proud to have worked together with the Fenbushi Capital team to support a large group of talented entrepreneurs building out the global blockchain ecosystem. Since co-founding Fenbushi Capital in 2015, both Fenbushi and Ethereum have grown at unprecedented speed. As I believe that 2018 will be a year of action in the blockchain space, I will no longer be able to devote sufficient time to meet the growing demands of both Fenbushi and Ethereum. I look forward to continuing to support Fenbushi’s mission in my new role as an advisor.”

Bo SHEN, General Partner, says, “With Vitalik’s support, Fenbushi has built up its internal team capabilities with unparalleled expertise in blockchain technology, which in turn has allowed Fenbushi to be a strategic partner and close advisor to its portfolio companies, as well as a key opinion leader in the blockchain industry. Just as the name Fenbushi — which means ‘distributed’ in Chinese — implies, we have built a distributed organization at Fenbushi Capital that will continue to grow even as Vitalik devotes more time to Ethereum.”

Dr. Feng XIAO, General Partner, says, “We thank Vitalik for his invaluable help in building Fenbushi Capital to where it is today. Bo and I look forward to continuing our mission at Fenbushi with Vitalik as an advisor, as well as continuing our nonprofit work with Vitalik at Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, where he continues his role as Chief Scientist.”

About Fenbushi Capital

Fenbushi Capital is one of the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firms in the world, founded in 2015 by Dr. Feng Xiao (Vice Chairman of Wanxiang Holdings), Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum), and Bo Shen (co-founder of BitShares), with a mission to build world class companies leveraging blockchain technology to change the world. To date, Fenbushi has supported over 50 talented teams around the world using blockchain to reshape myriad industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, and consumer goods.




2018年1月15日 — 分布式资本作为全球专注于区块链的最早也是最活跃的风险投资机构之一,今日宣布,原普通合伙人Vitalik Buterin将会转型新角色,担任顾问。肖风博士和沈波将继续担任普通合伙人。


沈波(分布式资本普通合伙人)表示:“在Vitalik的支持下,分布式资本在区块链技术领域组建了无与伦比的内部专家团队,这使得分布式资本能够成为其被投资公司的战略合作伙伴和指导顾问,也能够成为区块链技术领域的一个关键意见领袖。正如它在中文里的名字 — — “分布式”一样,意味着分布式资本的“分布式”架构组织会日益发展,即便Vitalik会投入更多精力在以太坊。”



分布式资本是专注于全球区块链技术及应用领域的最早且最活跃的风险投资机构,成立于2015年,由肖风博士(万向控股副董事长),Vitalik Buterin(Ethereum创始人)和沈波(BitShares联合创始人),以构建世界一流的公司利用区块链技术改变世界为使命。到目前为止,分布式资本已经投资了全球50多家有才能的团队,利用区块链来重塑无数的行业,如金融、医疗保健、供应链和消费品等。




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