MathChain is an important part of MATH’s plan to build a multi-chain assets Hub.

The crypto market is very hot this year, we still spotted relevant problems and opportunities. It is worth noting that although DeFi has been proven to be valuable by Ethereum, but DeFi on Ethereum is now…

Two weeks ago, Remington from Fenbushi Capital had a conversation with Dominic Williams from DFINITY. The following is the content of interview.

The following article appeared on Fenbushi Capital’s Chinese website-language WeChat account. This was translated for a global audience. Source: Fenbushi

Although blockchain is just one of the many popular paths that start-ups can take, countless entrepreneurs have struggled to truly seize this opportunity. In the tumultuous cryptocurrency world, entrepreneurs must…

By Yogita Khatri from The Block

Blockchain-focused venture firm Fenbushi Capital has entered into staking business.

Fenbushi has partnered with staking-as-a-service startup Staked for the initiative. Staked will provide staking infrastructure to Shanghai-based Fenbushi, which has a strong focus on the Asian market.

Peter Yang, investment director at Fenbushi Capital…


DECEMBER 6, 2017 — Established by seasoned pioneers from the financial sector and blockchain industry, Fenbushi Capital is an internationally renowned blockchain‐focused investment manager, managing a number of equity investment funds dedicated to investing in the blockchain industry.

It has come to our attention recently that a…

Fenbushi Capital | 分布式资本

Leading blockchain VC

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